FRECARN is a modern supplying industry specialized on all kind of meat companies who need an effective service and a high quality level. After more than 50 years of presence in the market, nowadays they manage to cover with entire satisfaction all needs of more than one thousand customers.

FRECARN exports 85 % of its meat production to the most demanding markets, so Frecarn has huge experience and an excellent concordance to the demand of the most strict quality procedure (BRC).

FRECARN is basically supplied by Spanish market, although it also receives supplies from German, Dutch, Danish and French markets. The selection processes, quartering and classification of fresh meat is performed by high qualified staff on the company’s modern premises where the meat is then immediately packed for the dispatch.

FRECARN in its efforts to achieve constant innovation, offers the most advanced technology on meat packaging and calibration ; in one piece or quartered, helping retailers to improve their trading prospects and placing our customers in an optimum position with consumer requirements.

FRECARN own a vast and efficient fleet of transport integrated by modern refrigerating trucks that enable the company to deliver the orders with maximum guarantee of timing and product preservation, to any point of the European continent. FRECARN, the great commitment of quality and service.

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